Office Applications

Table of Contents

6. The Office Suite
The Quickstarter
Overview of the Application Modules
Getting Help
Converting Microsoft Office Documents
Changing the Global Settings
Word Processing with Writer
Creating Texts with the AutoPilot
Creating Texts without the AutoPilot
Selecting Text
Working with the Stylist
Inserting a Table
Inserting Graphics
Spreadsheets with Calc
Changing Cell Attributes
A Practical Example: Monthly Expenses
Creating Charts
Importing Spreadsheet Tables
Creating Graphics Using Draw
Creating Presentations with Impress
Creating Presentations with the AutoPilot
Adding a Slide
7. The KWrite Text Editor
General Features
The File Menu
The Edit Menu
The View Menu
The Bookmarks Menu
The Tools Menu
The Settings Menu
The Help Menu
8. Sychronizing a Handheld Computer with KPilot
KPilot Basics
Conduits Used by KPilot
Configuring the Handheld Connection
Configuring the KAddressBook Conduit
Managing To-Do Items and Events
Working with KPilot
Backing up Data from the Handheld
Installing Programs on the Handheld
9. Scheduling with KOrganizer
Starting KOrganizer
Configuring KOrganizer
Using the Calendar
To-Do Items
Address Book
10. Address Management with KAddressBook
Overview of KAddressBook
Creating a New Contact
Creating Address Lists
Searching Address Data