Creating Graphics Using Draw

Draw can be used to create vector graphics. Vector graphics are images in which lines and curves are defined through certain parameters, such as the location of points and the curvature.

To create a new drawing, start Draw from the main menu: Applications -> Draw. If is already running, select File -> New -> Drawing. The graphical objects available in Draw can be modified in various aspects, such as line thickness, line type, color, and fill.

Try to draw a rectangle. In the main toolbar, which is displayed on the left-hand side, click the filled rectangle button (fifth from top) and keep the mouse button pressed for a few seconds until an additional toolbar opens. The latter includes a selection of filled and unfilled rectangles and squares, some of them with rounded corners. Select one of the filled rectangles. The mouse cursor should turn into a cross. Now move the cursor to the canvas and click it, dragging the mouse towards the bottom right. Draw will show the outline of a rectangle that is reshaped as you move. When you are satisfied with the size of the object, release the mouse button.

The properties of the rectangle, such as its fill color, can be modified with the following steps: First, activate the object with a single click. This should enable the green handles on the rectangle's corners and edges, which allow you to reshape and resize it. Next, open the context menu by pressing the right mouse button. After selecting Area…, a dialog opens in which to change various properties. When you are done with your modifications, click OK. As an alternative method to change the fill color, select one directly in the object bar at the top (to the right of the paintbucket).

There are many more useful drawing objects available in the toolbar. Use it to create circles, ellipses, lines, and even 3D elements.