Creating a New Contact

Open the contact editor with File -> New Contact, the respective icon, or the entry in the toolbar. A dialog opens with two tabs in which to make your entries. Refer to Figure 10.2: “Recording New Contact Information”.

Figure 10.2. Recording New Contact Information

Recording New Contact Information

Enter all important information, including the name, title, private and business addresses, all phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and URLs, under the General tab. If desired, assign the contact to a category that can later be used for filtering the address view. Select a standard category (Family, Friend, Business, Customer, or School) or create a new category.

The Details tab contains some useful additional information, such as birthdays and anniversaries, and offers the possibility to add comments for this contact. As soon as all required fields under these tabs are completed, save the data with OK. The new contact then appears in a list of current contacts in the left part of the window.