The Edit Menu

This menu provides all the program's editing functions, such as selecting and searching or replacing text according to certain patterns.


Use this to undo any unwanted changes and to restore the original text after an undo step. These functions are also available using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Z, and Ctrl + Shift + Z.


This cuts the currently selected text region. The corresponding keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + X.


This copies the selected text region to the clipboard. The same can be achieved with the shortcut Ctrl + C.


Use this to insert text from the clipboard. The shortcut for this function is Ctrl + V. You can also paste text by clicking the middle mouse button.

Select All

This selects all the text in a document. The shortcut for this function is Ctrl + A.


This menu option deselects a previously selected text area. The shortcut for this function is Ctrl + Shift + A performs the same function. You can do the same by clicking the left mouse button in the document window.

Toggle Block Selection

KWrite not only supports marking and removing horizontal selections (lines or paragraphs), it also supports vertical selections (any desired text block). This menu item toggles the block selection mode on and off. This can also be done with the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + B.

Toggle Insert

This changes the program's input mode. By default, KWrite inserts new text at the current cursor position. Selecting this menu item switches the editing mode so any existing text is overwritten. Alternatively, switch between editing modes by pressing Ins.

Find… and Replace…

Selecting Find… (or pressing Ctrl + F) displays a dialog in which to enter a search string or a regular expression. Also define the search direction, the starting point, and other details. To go from one match of the search term to the next, select Find Next (F3). To go to a previous match of the search term, select Find Previous (Shift + F3). To replace a search term with another string, use Replace… (Ctrl + R).

Go to Line…

To jump to a particular line in the document, select this menu item, enter the line number in the dialog that opens, then confirm with OK.