Chapter 10. Address Management with KAddressBook

Table of Contents

Overview of KAddressBook
Creating a New Contact
Creating Address Lists
Searching Address Data


KAddressBook provides quick and comfortable access to all address data of your contacts. As well as managing your local address data, KAddressBook can access, if available, a central LDAP server that hosts contact data for your entire department or your entire enterprise. KAddressBook supports the import and export of vCard data, ensuring the smooth interaction with other programs.

Overview of KAddressBook

KAddressBook can be started independently from the main menu, from the appointment scheduler KOrganizer, or the mail program KMail. On start-up, the KDE Address Book window consists of three frames. The top frame contains the menu and toolbars. The two lower frames contain the current list of contacts and the address data of the currently selected contact. See Figure 10.1: “Overview of KAddressBook”.

Figure 10.1. Overview of KAddressBook

Overview of KAddressBook