Working with KPilot

Synchronizing the data of KDE applications with those of the handheld computer is quite easy. Simply start KPilot then press the “HotSync” button on the cradle to start the sync operation.

Figure 8.6. The Main Window of KPilot

The Main Window of KPilot

Backing up Data from the Handheld

To do a full backup, select File -> Backup. The backup will be performed during the next sync operation. After that, switch back by selecting File -> HotSync from the menu. Otherwise, the time-consuming full backup will be performed again during the next sync operation.

After a full backup, all copies of the handheld's programs and databases are found in ~/.kde/share/apps/kpilot/DBBackup/<user>, where <user> is the name of the actual user as registered on the handheld.

The two built-in KPilot viewers can be used for a quick lookup of addresses or memos, but they are not designed to actually manage this data. The KDE applications mentioned above are much more suited for these tasks.

Installing Programs on the Handheld

The File Installer module is an interesting and useful tool for the installation of handheld programs. These programs normally have the extension .prc and they are ready to start immediately after uploading them to the handheld. Before using such add-on programs, read their licenses as well as the instructions included.