Chapter 7. The KWrite Text Editor

Table of Contents

General Features
The File Menu
The Edit Menu
The View Menu
The Bookmarks Menu
The Tools Menu
The Settings Menu
The Help Menu


KWrite can be used to write simple texts or lists. Apart from text editing, KWrite can also be used to view and edit various different types of source code or HTML with syntax highlighting. This chapter provides a brief overview of the main features of KWrite, introducing the main menus and tools.

General Features

You can start KWrite from the main menu or using the command kwrite. The command can be entered on the command line together with the name of the file you want to open.

Apart from using the menu bar, the toolbar, and a number of shortcuts, you can click the opened document with the right mouse button in order to access a context menu providing basic editor functions.

KWrite supports the drag and drop functions of KDE, which means that you can simply drag documents with the mouse from one application into another or paste data from the clipboard (see Section “The Clipboard Klipper”).

To edit a text file for which you have put an icon on the desktop, click the icon with the left mouse button and hold the button while dragging it into the editor window. You can now edit the file as usual. You can also paste text from the clipboard by clicking the middle mouse button. To edit or view the source code of an HTML page, drag the URL into the editor window of KWrite, keeping the left mouse button pressed (see Figure 7.1: “The KWrite Text Editor”).

Figure 7.1. The KWrite Text Editor

The KWrite Text Editor