Chapter 9. Scheduling with KOrganizer

Table of Contents

Starting KOrganizer
Configuring KOrganizer
Using the Calendar
To-Do Items
Address Book


KOrganizer is a KDE application for scheduling and managing events and tasks. Because of the variety of ways in which the program can present your schedule, it is a very helpful tool to keep track of deadlines, outstanding tasks, and appointments. It can also remind you of birthdays and meetings, if you enable this function.

Starting KOrganizer

Start KOrganizer from the main menu or with korganizer. The main window has several toolbars, a menu bar, the date navigator with a month view of the calendar, the main part displaying the currently selected calendar view, and a list containing all the current to-do items. All the common program actions, such as saving, printing, and creating or deleting events, can be performed from the menus. See Figure 9.1: “Managing Your Schedule with KOrganizer”.

Figure 9.1. Managing Your Schedule with KOrganizer

Managing Your Schedule with KOrganizer