Configuring KOrganizer

To configure KOrganizer, select Settings -> Configure KOrganizer…. This opens a dialog in which to enter your name and e-mail address. When working with the program, the name is used to indicate who is the owner of a given to-do item or event. The e-mail address is used to identify the owner of the calendar. A user who is not the owner can read the calendar, but not modify it. Send copy to owner when mailing events should be enabled if you want to receive a copy of every e-mail sent out by the program (in your name) to the attendees of an event.

For KOrganizer to save your scheduling items automatically when exiting, check Enable automatic saving of calendar. This also saves all changes automatically at a user-definable interval. To be prompted before any items are deleted, enable Confirm deletes.

Under Time & Date, customize the defaults for working hours and appointments, define the default alarm time, and set your time zone. KOrganizer switches between winter and daylight saving time automatically.

Under Fonts, set your preferred font type and size for the different text fields of the program. Fonts can be selected for the time bar, the month view, and, under Agenda view, for the day view, week view, and work week view.

Under Colors, set the colors that should be used to highlight events, to-do items, and other elements. For instance, define that to-do items due on the current day should be dark red and that overdue to-do items should be light red.

The other items of the preferences dialog allow customization of the various views and the program's group features. Under Group Scheduling, provide additional e-mail addresses, which is useful if you are registered for a certain event under a different address.

Figure 9.2. Configuring KOrganizer

Configuring KOrganizer