Searching Address Data

Basically, KAddressBook offers three options for searching address data:

Incremental search

Use the drop-down menu to determine search details, such as the Given Name, Family Name, or Email Address. As soon as you enter a character string in the adjacent input field, the data is searched by the selected criterion. The search result is displayed in the overview and in the detailed view.

Searching for initials or numbers (jump bar)

Activate this toolbar with Settings -> Show Jump Bar. Depending on the activated search criterion in the Incremental search, clicking the respective letter or number produces the contact entries whose given name, family name, or e-mail address begins with this letter or number.

Search in a remote LDAP directory

To use this function, first configure an LDAP server in your network. Go to Settings -> Configure KAddressBook -> LDAP to access a list of various LDAP servers. If no selection is offered, ask your system administrator for the name of the server, the port number, and the base DN. Enter this data in the dialog opened with Add Host. Activate your settings with Apply and OK.

To start the actual search, click the magnifying glass icon in the upper toolbar. In the following dialog, select a suitable search criterion (phone number, name, e-mail) and enter the search string in the adjacent input field. The result of your search appears in an overview below the search options. To integrate the retrieved entries in your address book, click the respective buttons. You can also send an e-mail message to all addresses found.

Figure 10.4. Searching an LDAP Directory

Searching an LDAP Directory