The Settings Menu

Show Toolbar

Enable this to display a toolbar of the main editing functions.

Show Statusbar

Enable this for KWrite to include a status bar at the lower edge of its window. The status bar would display the current line and column number, the input mode, and the save status of the document.

Show Path

If this is enabled, KWrite displays the file name of the loaded document together with its complete path (rather than just the file name) in the window title bar.

Configure Editor…

This opens a dialog with all the configuration options available for KWrite. This includes the color scheme and the fonts used, settings for indentation, text selection and word wrap, shortcuts and highlighting options, and some others. The dialog also allows you to define a default view profile and to integrate an external spell check module.

Configure Shortcuts…

This opens a dialog in which to change the existing keyboard shortcuts or define custom shortcuts.

Configure Toolbars…

This opens a dialog in which to add and remove toolbar buttons.