Chapter 6. The Office Suite

Table of Contents

The Quickstarter
Overview of the Application Modules
Getting Help
Converting Microsoft Office Documents
Changing the Global Settings
Word Processing with Writer
Creating Texts with the AutoPilot
Creating Texts without the AutoPilot
Selecting Text
Working with the Stylist
Inserting a Table
Inserting Graphics
Spreadsheets with Calc
Changing Cell Attributes
A Practical Example: Monthly Expenses
Creating Charts
Importing Spreadsheet Tables
Creating Graphics Using Draw
Creating Presentations with Impress
Creating Presentations with the AutoPilot
Adding a Slide

Abstract is a powerful Linux office suite that offers tools for all types of office tasks, such as writing texts, working with spreadsheets, or creating graphics and presentations. With, use the same data across different computing platforms. You can also open and edit files in Microsoft Office formats then save them back to this format, if needed. This chapter only covers the basic skills needed to get started with

The Quickstarter

When started for the first time from the main menu (Applications -> Accessories -> More -> Quickstarter), you will be asked whether the quickstart function of the program should be enabled. If you intend to use frequently and have enough RAM available, it can be useful.

Figure 6.1. The Quickstarter

The Quickstarter

The Quickstarter icon then appears in the desktop panel at the lower right edge of the screen. Right-clicking it displays a menu like the one shown in Figure 6.1: “The Quickstarter”, which gives access to a number of possibilities: directly start the individual application modules, quickly reopen the recently used files, or create a new document from a template. Customize the Quickstarter settings by selecting Configure Quickstarter….

Once enabled, the Quickstarter is started automatically each time you log in to your desktop. To stop this from happening in the future, click Quit in the Quickstarter menu, shown in Figure 6.1: “The Quickstarter”.