Creating Presentations with Impress

Creating Presentations with the AutoPilot

Less experienced users may prefer to use Autopilot to create presentations. Select File -> AutoPilot -> Presentation…. With the AutoPilot, define the basic structure of a presentation in three brief steps. In doing so, set backgrounds, the output medium, and various effects. You can also import data from an existing presentation with the help of assistants.

After completing the procedure by clicking Create, Impress offers a number of templates for the page layout. Select one that suits your purposes and enter a name for the first slide. Then click OK to generate the first slide of the new presentation.

To complete your presentation, enter a title and the text for each page. When finished, view the presentation by selecting Slide Show -> Slide Show. To advance to the next page during the show, press the left mouse button. To exit from it, press Esc. Refer to the help system of to learn more.

Adding a Slide

To add another slide to your presentation, select Insert -> Slide. This opens the dialog window shown in Figure 6.11: “Inserting Slides in Impress”. Enter a name for the slide and determine which of the predefined layouts to use. Then click OK to insert the slide or Cancel to abort the procedure. To use templates, select File -> New -> From Template….

Figure 6.11. Inserting Slides in Impress

Inserting Slides in Impress