Table of Contents

18. Sound in Linux
Basic ALSA PCM Types
The GNOME Mixer Applet
Mixer Parameters of Soundblaster Live! and Audigy
The Mixer for the Sound Chip Envy24
Configuration of the S/PDIF Channels
XMMS — An MP3, WAV, OGG, and Stream Player
kscd — Audio CD Player
The Audio CD Player WorkMan
GNOME CD Player Applet
Buffering and Latencies
The JACK Audio Connection Kit
Hard Disk Recording with Audacity
Recording WAV Files and Importing Files
Editing Audio Files
Saving and Exporting
Direct Recording and Playback of WAV Files
Compressing Audio Data
Loading Sound Fonts: SB Live! and AWE
vkeybd — Virtual MIDI Keyboard
Establishing Connections Between MIDI Ports
kmid — The KDE MIDI Player
MIDI Playback without a WaveTable Card
The Sound Font Synthesizer fluidsynth
Configuration of timidity++
Starting timidity++ with the Graphical Interface
The ALSA Server Mode of timidity++
AlsaModularSynth — Synthesizer and Effect Processor
Randomly Playing Patches
AlsaModularSynth as an Effect Processor
Synthesizer Patches
Keeping Track with the Control Center
The MIDI Out Module
Writing WAV Files with the WAV Out Module
NoteEdit and MIDI Sequencers
19. TV, Video, Radio, and Webcam
Watching TV with motv
Video Source and Network Search
From Silent Film to Sound Film
Screen Proportions and Full-Screen Mode
The Launcher Menu
Video Text with alevt
Webcams and motv
nxtvepg — The TV Magazine for Your PC
Importing the EPG Database
Sorting the Programs
20. K3b — The KDE Burning Application
Creating a Data CD
Burning CDs
Creating an Audio CD
Copying a CD
Writing ISO Images
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21. Digital Cameras and Linux
Connecting to the Camera
Installating the Programs
Using Konqueror
Using gtKam
Using Digikam
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22. Kooka — A Scanning Application
The Kooka Window
The Preview
The Final Scan
The Menus
The Gallery
Optical Character Recognition
23. Graphics with The GIMP
Image Processing and Graphics Formats
Pixel Images
Vector Graphics
Using The GIMP
Starting The GIMP
The Toolbox
The Menu Bar
The Tool Icons
The Selection Tools
Transformation Tools
Paint Tools
Color, Brush, Pattern, and Gradient Selection
Working with The GIMP
Opening Images
Creating a New Image
Saving Images
Configuring The GIMP
Image Modes
Introduction to Image Manipulation
Special Effects
Inserting Text
Retouching Images
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