Chapter 20. K3b — The KDE Burning Application

Table of Contents

Creating a Data CD
Burning CDs
Creating an Audio CD
Copying a CD
Writing ISO Images
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K3b is a comprehensive program for writing data and audio CDs. Along with the usual features, the program offers some additional options that facilitate working, especially in the field of multimedia. You can start the program from the main menu or by entering the command k3b. The main program features are described in the following sections.

Creating a Data CD

Creating a data CD is easy. Go to File -> New Project -> New Data Project. The project view will appears in the lower part of the window, as shown in Figure 20.1: “K3b: Creating a New Data CD”. Drag the desired directories or individual files from your home directory to the project folder and drop them there. Save the project under a name of your choice with File -> Save as.

Figure 20.1. K3b: Creating a New Data CD

K3b: Creating a New Data CD

Then select Burn from the toolbar. A dialog with five tabs offering various options for writing the CD will be opened (Figure 20.2: “Burning CDs with K3b”).