The Final Scan

If you selected Custom for the scanning size, use the mouse to select the rectangular area to scan. The selected area is confined by a dotted border.

Click Scan Parameter again. Choose between color and black-and-white scanning and set the resolution with the slider. See Figure 22.3: “The Kooka Scanning Parameters”. The higher the resolution, the better the quality of the scanned image is. However, this also results in a correspondingly larger file and the scanning process can take a very long time at high resolutions. Activate Use custom gamma table and click Edit to change the settings for brightness, contrast, and gamma.

Figure 22.3. The Kooka Scanning Parameters

The Kooka Scanning Parameters

Once all settings have been made, click Final Scan to scan the image. The scanned image is then displayed in the image viewer and as a thumbnail. When prompted, select the format in which to save the image. To save all the future images in that same format, check the corresponding box. Confirm with OK.