The Menus

Some of the functions of the toolbar are also available in the File and Image menus. Modify preference settings for Kooka in Settings.


Use this menu to start the Kprinter printing assistant, to create a new folder for your images, and to save, delete, and close files. The OCR results of a scanned text document can be saved here. Also use this menu to close the Kooka application.


The Image menu allows starting a graphics application for postprocessing or optical character recognition of an image. The recognized text from an OCR operation is displayed in its own frame. Various tools for scaling, rotating, and flipping an image are available. These functions can also be accessed from the toolbar. The submenu Create From Selection allows saving an area of an image previously marked with the mouse.


Settings adjusts of the look and feel of Kooka. The toolbar and status bar can be switched on and off and keyboard shortcuts for menu entries can be defined. Configure Toolbars provides a list of all the functions available to the toolbar. Configure Kooka opens a configuration dialog in which to modify the look and feel of Kooka. Normally, however, the defaults are sufficient. In Tool Views, enable and disable the thumbnail viewer, the preview, the gallery, the scanning parameters, and the OCR result window.


The Help menu provides access to the online help manual for Kooka. Also use it to access a feedback channel for problems and wishes. It also provides information about the version, authors, and license of Kooka and KDE.