Updating With Errata

Red Hat Linux errata are package updates, bug fixes, and security patches for Red Hat Linux. They have been tested and approved by Red Hat, Inc. and can be found at http://www.redhat.com/errata/. Red Hat Network updates come from this list, but you can go straight to the errata list and get them yourself.

This updating process is recommended for more experienced Red Hat Linux users.

Locating Errata

The website http://www.redhat.com/errata/ lists all available errata for Red Hat Linux. You can navigate through this site and click on the links to see what types of RPMs are available. Red Hat tests and approves the RPMs posted on this site. RPMs downloaded from other sites are not guaranteed.

Figure 12-18. Red Hat Errata List

Downloading and Installing Errata

On the errata website, look in the Errata: Fixes & Advisories column and select the product for which you want to view available errata. A corresponding list of available errata appears (Figure 12-19).

Figure 12-19. Available RPMs

To download errata:

  1. Click on the package you want to download. It is recommended that you read all of the information on the following screen before continuing. It provides a synopsis of the errata, steps to follow to download and install the errata, and more.

  2. Scroll down to RPMs Required and click on the FTP address containing the file you want.

Clicking on an FTP address will open a dialog box where you determine where the download will be saved. By default, this dialog will display the last directory you were using, or if none, it will default to your home directory. We recommend creating a subdirectory for downloads.

You might have to download the packages from a Red Hat Linux FTP mirror site, if the Red Hat FTP site you select from the errata page is busy. Visit http://www.redhat.com/mirrors.html to select a Red Hat Linux mirror site.

  1. Determine where you want your RPM to be stored and click on OK. The RPM you selected will be downloaded automatically.

  2. You can then follow the instructions under Solution on the errata page to upgrade RPMs, or upgrade using the RPM application. See the Official Red Hat Linux Customization Guide for more information on RPM.