Chapter 12. Updating and Adding Packages to Red Hat Linux

Introduction to RHN

You can update your Red Hat Linux system at anytime, adding new applications or enhancements to packages you already have installed. Installing new software files, or RPMs, is simple. This chapter explains three ways you can update your system: by using Red Hat Network, by going to and checking the errata list, and by getting packages from the installation CD that you did not initially install.

Red Hat Network gives you two ways to update your system: the Web interface, known as Software Manager and Red Hat Update Agent. Software Manager is an online tool that lets you manage up to five systems at once. Red Hat Update Agent is a standalone tool that manages one system only.

Updating from the errata list involves going to the Red Hat website, looking through the latest errata list, and downloading and installing the errata you want. Installing additional packages from the installation CD involves selection and installation from the GUI that appears on your desktop after you insert the CD in your CD-ROM drive.