Installing RPMs From the Installation CDs

Place one of the installation CDs in your CD-ROM drive. Inserting a CD in the CD-ROM drive should automatically open the file manager. If the file manager does not open automatically after a minute or so, right-click on the CD-ROM icon on your desktop and select Mount Device.

In the file manager screen, click on /cdrom/RedHat/RPMS. Scroll through the files on the right and look for the packages you want. Package descriptions are available online at

Now, open a terminal and login as root by typing:

	cd su

Next, you will use the rpm command, as shown below. The "ivh" option that follows the command, basically, installs everything and replaces any duplicate files that might, for some reason, be on your system already. In this example, the documentation files, which all begin with "rhl", would be installed. The string "rhl-*.rpm" tells your system to install all files that begin with "rhl" and end in ".rpm" (* is a wildcard and keeps you from having to type out each of the long file names manually). In place of "rhl" you should put whatever comes before the first hyphen in the name of the package you want to install.

	rpm -ivh rhl-*.rpm

Press [Enter]. Type exit at the command line and press [Enter] again. This takes you out of the root login and back to your user account.

And that is it. The package is installed. It should now appear in the appropriate place in the panel's main menu. You can also open the Run tool (available on the main menu) and type the name of the program in the dialog box that appears to launch an application.