Appendix A. Help and Documentation

Table of Contents

Using the SuSE Help Center
Contents of the SuSE Help Center
The Search Function of the SuSE Help Center

The SuSE Help Center provides central access to the most important documentation resources on your system in searchable form. These resources include all manuals enclosed with your product, online help for the installed applications, and databases on hardware and software issues in connection with SuSE Linux.

Using the SuSE Help Center

When you start the SuSE Help Center for the first time from the main menu (SuSE Help), the standard view of the SuSE Help Center is displayed (Figure A.1: “The Main Window of the SuSE Help Center”). The dialog window consists of three main areas:

Menu Bar and Toolbar

The menu bar provides the main editing, navigation, and configuration options. The File menu contains the option for printing the currently displayed content. With the Edit menu, access the search function. Go contains all navigation possibilities: Home (home page of the Help Center), Back, Forward, and Last Search Result. With Settings -> Configure KDE Help Center -> Create Search Index, generate a search index for all selected information sources. The toolbar contains three navigation icons (forward, back, home) and a printer icon for printing the current contents.

Navigation Area with Tabs

The navigation area in the left part of the window provides an input field for a quick search in selected information sources. Details regarding the search and the configuration of the search function in the Search tab are presented in Section “The Search Function of the SuSE Help Center”. The Contents tab presents a tree view of all available and currently installed information sources. Click the book icons to open and browse the individual categories.

View Window

The view window always displays the currently selected contents, such as online manuals, search results, or web pages.

Figure A.1. The Main Window of the SuSE Help Center

The Main Window of the SuSE Help Center