The Search Function of the SuSE Help Center

To search all installed information sources of SuSE Linux, generate a search index and set a number of search parameters. To do this, open the Search tab. See Figure A.2: “Configuring the Search Function”.

Figure A.2. Configuring the Search Function

Configuring the Search Function

If no search index was generated previously, the system automatically prompts you to do so when you click the Search tab or enter a search string and click Search. In the dialog window for generating the search index (Figure A.3: “Generating a Search Index”), use the check boxes to determine the information sources to index. The index is generated when you exit the dialog with OK.

Figure A.3. Generating a Search Index

Generating a Search Index

To limit the search base and the hit list as precisely as possible, use the three drop-down menus to determine the number of displayed hits and the selection area of sources to search. The following options are available for determining the selection area:


A predefined selection of sources is searched.


All sources are searched.


No sources selected for the search.


Determine the sources to search by activating the respective check boxes in the overview.

Upon completion of the search configuration, click Search. The relevant items are then displayed in the view window and can easily be navigated with mouse clicks.