Links and Literature

A great manual for staff members and superiors with many checklists and questionnaires that also take the mental strain into account: Burmester, M., Görner, C., Hacker, W., Kärcher, M. and others (1997). The SANUS Manual. EU-compliant Screen Work (- research - FB 760). Berlin: Series of the Federal Office for Work Protection and Work Medicine. [SANUS: Safety and health protection for terminal work on the basis of international standards]

A clear and well-structured guide for analysis and work protection tasks around the terminal workstation:

Richenhagen, G., Prümper, J. & Wagner, J. (1998, 2nd edition). Handbuch der Bildschirmarbeit (trans: Manual of terminal work). Neuwied: Luchterhand.

Information Network of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work. Available in many languages, comprehensive information: