Quitting from GNOME

When you log out, GNOME allows you to simply log out (and leave the system running), restart, or halt the system completely.

Figure 2-9. The GNOME Log Out Confirmation

To log out from the Main Menu on the panel, click on the Main Menu Button and select Log out.

In the confirmation dialog which opens (see Figure 2-9), you can choose to:

Select any of the options and click on the Yes button to continue. Also, select the Save current setup option if you want to save your session. Saving your session will preserve your current configuration of the panel and save the programs you might have open.

If you do not wish to proceed, click on the No button to continue with your GNOME session.

NoteTyping Your Password

When you select either Halt or Reboot, you will be asked for your account's password before proceeding. In the space provided, just type in the password you used when you logged in for your current session.