Chapter 2. The GNOME Desktop Environment

GNOME Fundamentals

GNOME is a flexible and user-friendly way to use a graphical user interface with Red Hat Linux.

This chapter covers the fundamentals of GNOME and its file manager, Nautilus. In later chapters, you will find greater detail about tasks such as connecting a printer and setting up your Internet account.

You will find the latest GNOME-related information at the the official GNOME website:

TipIf You Want To Use GNOME and KDE Applications

If you have both GNOME and KDE on your system, you can often use applications from the other environment. For example, you can use the KDE email client, KMail, even if you are working in GNOME.

TipChoose Double-Click or Single-Click

You can configure the mouse to activate files and applications with a double- or a single-click, whichever you prefer. Click on the icon for the Nautilus Start Here screen on the desktop (there is also one on the panel). This opens the file manager. Click on Preferences at the top of the screen and then select Edit Preferences. The preferences screen opens, showing a list of configurable options on the left. Click on Icon and List Views. Now make your selection for double or single mouse click in the top section of this window. Click on Ok and this change takes place immediately.