Games and Amusements

To open games in GNOME, go to Main Menu => Programs => Games. In KDE, go to Main Menu => Games. Many games include rules and tips within the menu options.

Additional games are available online; and are two popular sites. Also, try searching the Internet for "linux games" using a search engine.

Computer programmers can be very entertaining people. Little applets are created and added to software for no other reason than to amuse. In GNOME, go to Main Menu => Applets and look through the applets available in Amusements, Clocks, and Utility. Fish will open a dialog box (Figure 8-2)displaying a quote that changes every time you click on the icon. gEyes will add two eyes to your panel that follow your cursor around the screen. Gnome Weather (which is under Utility)will dock a button on your panel that displays a miniature weather report.

KDE has a menu option called Toys. Look through these when you want a little entertainment.

Figure 8-2. Wanda The Fish

The text editor Emacs has several hidden surprises, too. Open the application with Main Menu => Programs => Applications => Emacs. Press [Alt]-[x]; then type the word doctor to open the application's "psychiatrist." Also in Emacs, press [Esc]-[x] and then type "yow" to see a quote at the bottom of the screen. Press [Esc]-[ x] and type "psychoanalyze-pinhead" and Emacs displays all the quotes in its database (press [Ctrl]-[C] to stop).