Configuring a Video Card

You probably configured your video card during installation (see the Official Red Hat Linux Installation Guide), but you can change your video configuration settings at any time using the Xconfigurator utility. You will want to do this if you, for example, install a new video card.

CautionBe careful with Xconfigurator

Xconfigurator will overwrite your system's original video configuration file. As a safety measure, be sure to make a backup of the /etc/X11/XF86Config file before running Xconfigurator.

To run Xconfigurator, log in as root and type Xconfigurator at a shell prompt. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen. Make your selections using the [Tab] and [Enter] keys.

When you have finished reconfiguring your video card, log out of root and log back in to your user account.

Cameras, scanners, and other peripherals can be used with Red Hat Linux, but are not discussed in this manual. The Linux Documentation Project is an excellent source of information for using peripherals and much more. Visit their site at and search the HOWTOS for the information you want.