25.3. Configuring a Samba Server with YaST

Start the server configuration with choosing the work group or domain that will be controlled by your new Samba server. Select an existing work group/domain from the drop down menu Workgroup or Domain Name or enter a new one. In the next step, specify whether your server should act as PDC (primary domain controller) or as BDC (backup domain controller).

Figure 25.1. Samba Configuration — Start Up

Samba Configuration — Start Up

Activate Samba in Start Up (Figure 25.1. “Samba Configuration — Start Up”). Use Open Ports in Firewall and Firewall Details to adapt the firewall on the server in such a way that the ports for the netbios-ns, netbios-dgm, netbios-ssn, and microsoft-ds services are open on all external and internal interfaces, thus ensuring a smooth operation of the Samba server.

Figure 25.2. Samba Configuration — Shares

Samba Configuration — Shares

In Shares (Figure 25.2. “Samba Configuration — Shares”), determine the Samba shares to activate. Use Toggle Status to switch between Active and Inactive. Click Add to add new shares.

Figure 25.3. Samba Configuration — Identity

Samba Configuration — Identity

In Identity (Figure 25.3. “Samba Configuration — Identity”), determine the domain with which the host is associated (Base Settings) and whether to use an alternative host name in the network (NetBIOS Host Name).