25.4. Configuring Clients

Clients can only access the Samba server via TCP/IP. NetBEUI and NetBIOS via IPX cannot be used with Samba.

25.4.1. Configuring a Samba Client with YaST

Configure a Samba client to access resources (files or printers) on the Samba server. Enter the domain or workgroup in the dialog Samba Workgroup. Click Browse to display all available groups and domains, which can be selected with the mouse. If you activate Also Use SMB Information for Linux Authentication, the user authentication runs over the Samba server. After completing all settings, click Finish to finish the configuration.

25.4.2. Windows 9x and ME

Windows 9x and ME already have built-in support for TCP/IP. However, this is not installed as the default. To add TCP/IP, go to Control Panel+System and choose Add+Protocols+TCP/IP from Microsoft. After rebooting your Windows machine, find the Samba server by double-clicking the desktop icon for the network environment.


To use a printer on the Samba server, install the standard or Apple-PostScript printer driver from the corresponding Windows version. It is best to link this to the Linux printer queue, which accepts Postscript as an input format.