Overview of Evolution

The default window view is shown in Figure 16.1: “The Evolution Window with Shortcuts and Summary”. The available menus, menu items, and the icons in the toolbar vary from window to window. Use the Shortcuts panel to the left to select the information to display in the right panel. Adjust the size of any panels by dragging the dividing bars.

Use View to remove the Shortcuts Bar or add a Folder Bar at any time. The different items listed in the Shortcuts are described in the following.

Figure 16.1. The Evolution Window with Shortcuts and Summary

The Evolution Window with Shortcuts and Summary


The Summary provides some basic information about e-mail, appointments, and tasks along with personally configurable weather and news sources. This window is shown in Figure 16.1: “The Evolution Window with Shortcuts and Summary”. Use Tools -> Settings -> Summary Preferences to configure the information displayed.


In this view, the upper half of the window shows the contents of the folder Inbox. The lower half is a preview pane used to display the selected mail message. Disable the preview pane with View -> Preview Pane.

To change the folder displayed, click the down arrow next to Inbox and select another folder from the list. Use the search bar to search the messages in a folder. If desired, click a table header for the message list to sort the messages by that header. The sort can be either ascending or descending as shown by the arrow to the right. Click the header until the correct direction is displayed.


The initial display shows a day view of the current day with the month and a task list shown in an additional pane to the right. Week, work week, and month views are also available from the toolbar or the View menu. Use the search bar to find an entered appointment. Add appointments and tasks using the buttons in the toolbar. Also use the toolbar to page through the calendar or jump to a specific date.


Tasks provides a list of tasks. Use the toolbar to add tasks. Search the tasks with the search bar.


This view shows all the addresses in your address book. To locate a particular address, use the search bar or click the button to the right displaying the first letter of the contact's last name. Add contacts or lists with the toolbar.