Step Two: Accept Suggestions

After the system is booted from CD or DVD, the SuSE system assistant YaST will be started. First, select the language for your system. The language setting is automatically adopted for the keyboard layout. Then YaST checks your system. If you already installed a SuSE Linux version on your computer, the next dialog asks whether to install SuSE Linux from scratch or perform an update of your previous system.

If Linux was not installed on your computer previously or if you select New installation, YaST checks all your hardware and list the result in the suggestion dialog, shown in Figure 1.1: “Suggestion Screen”. This dialog also displays the partitioning suggestion (possibly Windows will be resized) and the selected installation type. If installing Linux for the first time, you should accept these suggestions, which are usually suitable.

The following messages and suggestions are displayed after the system check:


New installation is the default value here.


The keyboard layout defaults to the selected language. This can easily be changed.


The detected mouse type is listed here.


Suggests a suitable partitioning. If Windows 9x or ME (FAT32 file system) exists on the hard disk, the resizing rate is indicated.


A default system with office applications is preset.


Determines where SuSE Linux installs the boot manager. The Master Boot Record (MBR) of the first hard disk is the default setting.

Time Zone

Depending on the selected language settings, the time zone of the respective country is selected. Check this setting as many languages are used in several countries.


Shows the language setting.

Modify the YaST suggestions at any time by clicking the respective heading. The dialogs displayed enable detailed settings. The exact procedure is described in Chapter 2, User-Defined Installation.After the changes, you are returned to the overview and can proceed with the installation using the modified values by clicking Accept.


If the hardware was detected correctly, you do not need to change anything. Do not change the boot loader, partitioning, or hardware settings unless you know what you are doing.

Figure 1.1. Suggestion Screen

Suggestion Screen