Chapter 1. Quick Installation

Table of Contents

Step One: The Start Screen
Step Two: Accept Suggestions
Step Three: Installation


In the best case, a few clicks are sufficient to install SuSE Linux on your computer. If no Linux system was installed on your computer previously, your hard disk is automatically partitioned, an installed Windows system (95, 98, or ME) is resized, a software selection is installed, and your hardware is configured automatically. If you do not like the suggestions of the system assistant YaST (Yet another Setup Tool) or have special requirements for your system, change the individual installation suggestions manually as described in Chapter Chapter 2, User-Defined Installation.

Step One: The Start Screen

Turn on your computer and all connected hardware components and immediately insert CD 1 or the DVD in the respective drive. In the start screen, select an installation mode or boot an installed operating system. Following the successful installation, the CD only needs to be inserted in the drive occasionally to install additional software. As the CD can be forgotten in the drive, the option to boot the installed system is preselected. For installation, use the arrow keys to select Installation.


If your computer does not boot from CD 1 or the DVD, read Section “The Boot Screen”.