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The Administration Guide offers an introduction to the technology of SuSE Linux, providing details about the installation, system administration, and the configuration of special system components. It also introduces the theoretical basics of certain properties of Linux and especially of SuSE Linux, including background information about the X window system, the boot concept, printing, and the Linux kernel.

Working with and in networks has always been one of the main strengths of Linux. Therefore, a large portion of the book is dedicated to the theory, configuration, and administration of networks and their various services. Learn about various protocols, routing, NFS and NIS, heterogeneous networks with Samba and Netatalk, and proxies. The final chapter extensively covers the issue of security in networks.

We are confident that the Open Source policy, the boot concept, the easy installation, the stable and secure network operation, and the extremely flexible X11 environment will do their part to convince you that your SuSE Linux is the superior operating system! The digital versions of both SuSE Linux manuals can be accessed by way of the SuSE Help System under SuSE Linux.

New Features in the Administration Guide

This section lists the changes to the documentation from the last version to the current one:

Typographical Conventions

The following typographical conventions are used in this book:

Text layout Meaning
YaST programs
/etc/passwd file or directory names
<parameter> when entering a command, parameter should be replaced by the actual value, excluding the angle brackets.
PATH the environment variable PATH the value of a variable. In this case,
ls the command ls
SuSE @nohyphen news the user SuSE @nohyphen news
  A key to press. Keys to press sequentially are separated by spaces.
+ + Keys to press simultaneously are grouped with the `+' sign.
Permission denied System messages
` System Update' Menu items, buttons, labels


A Word of Thanks

The list of all people who contributed to the success of this distribution would exceed the scope of this book. We would like to express our gratitude to all who worked tirelessly to present this quality SuSE Linux release. With their voluntary commitment, the developers of Linux cooperate on a global scale to promote the development of Linux. We thank them for their efforts -- this distribution would not exist without them. Furthermore, we want to thank Frank Zappa and Pawar. Last but not least, special thanks to Linus Torvalds.

Have a lot of fun!

Your SuSE Team

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