Web Surfing with Konqueror

Konqueror not only allows you have your file system at your command, browsing local or networked drives, but with component technology used throughout KDE, Konqueror is also a full featured, easy to use and comfortable Web browser, which you can use to explore the Internet.

To launch Konqueror, go to go to KDE's Main Menu => Internet => Konqueror Web Browser.

Figure 6-9. Welcome to Konqueror

When you first launch Konqueror, you will be presented with an Introduction screen. This screen offers basic instructions for browsing a webpage or your local file system.

If you click Continue, you will be presented with the Tips screen. This screen does just what it implies, it shows you basic tips for using Konqueror so that you can begin to take full advantage of the technology Konqueror offers.

By clicking Continue from the Tips screen, you will see the Specifications screen. This screen displays information on supported standards (such as Cascading Stylesheets, plug-ins, and OpenSSL), featured protocols, and more.

To begin your first Web search, enter a URL in the open field beside Location.

For additional information on using Konqueror, click on Help (on the top menu panel) and then on Konqueror Handbook.

Figure 6-10. The Konqueror Handbook