Using Galeon to Browse the Web

Galeon is a GNOME browser, based on Mozilla. It is only a Web browser. It does not feature email, newsgroups, or anything other than surfing the Web. It is almost amazing in its simplicity.

To use Galeon, a working installation of Mozilla is required. Galeon uses Mozilla's rendering engine to display content. If you cannot run Mozilla, it is doubtful that you would be able to run Galeon.

To launch Galeon, go to Main Menu => Programs => Internet => Galeon.

The first time you launch Galeon, it will take you through the configuration process.

Figure 6-11. Configuring Galeon

During the initial configuration, you have the option of importing bookmarks from Netscape or Mozilla, as well as some preference from Netscape if you have been using it as your prior Web browser.

Once you have finished your configuration of Galeon, the main browser will appear.

Figure 6-12. Online with Galeon


Galeon's "tabbed browsing" feature can help you avoid having your desktop cluttered with browser windows. Multiple pages can be stored in a single Galeon window, and you can switch between them with a click of the mouse. The behavior of the tabbed browsing mode can be configured in the Tabs page of the Preferences Window.

To launch a new Tab even more quickly, use the [Ctrl]-[T] key combination.

For additional information or help with Galeon, click Help on the top menu bar. From there, you can choose to view the Galeon FAQ and Galeon manual.