Error Messages During Installation of RPMs

Q: Errors During Software Installation

How do I install an RPM from a CD or the Internet? I keep getting an error message when I use Gnome-RPM.

A: File Permissions

If you're getting an error message similar to failed to open /var/lib/rpm/packages.rpm (see Figure 13-2) it's probably because you do not have the correct permissions set.

When you install software, you're often required to make system-wide changes — changes which only root can make. If you are using your user account, you will not have permission to make such changes by default.

Figure 13-2. An RPM Install Error

For more information about RPM and Gnome-RPM, refer to the chapters in this guide or, for greater depth, refer to the Official Red Hat Linux Customization Guide on the Documentation CD (or online, at