Switching Environments

In addition to changing your graphical environment at the login screen, you can switch to another environment when you are already logged in. You can change environments using the Switchdesk utility (see Figure 3-6). When you restart your session, you will find your new environment.

Figure 3-6. The Switchdesk Utility

There are three ways to start Switchdesk. You can start the Switchdesk at a shell prompt. You can add a button to the panel that will open Switchdesk (go to Main Menu => Configure Panel => Add => Button => System => Desktop Switching Tool). Or you can open Run from the main menu and type switchdesk at the prompt.

To open Switchdesk at a shell prompt:

The next time you start your X session, you will be in your newly selected environment.

Regardless of the process you use to switch desktop environments, you have to log out and back in before your desktop will change.