Shutting Down at the Shell Prompt

Like the Run program option in GNOME, you can use the shutdown command to halt or restart your system from a shell prompt, whether you are working in GNOME, KDE, or the non-graphical environment.

To halt or restart your system from a shell prompt:

Make certain that you have saved your work before halting or restarting your system from the shell prompt. Running applications will be closed and you will not have the option of saving your work or your session.

TipRestarting an X Session

If you are having difficulty quitting your X session, (for example, if you get no response when you click on the Log out button in KDE) you can swiftly end the X session and return to the login screen by pressing the [Ctrl]-[Alt]-[Backspace] keys. This procedure should be used only as a last resort, however. Make sure you close your running applications and save your work before logging out this way!

TipMore About Shutting Down

You can specify the delay between when you issue the shutdown command and its execution. Replace the word now with a "+" and a number; for example shutdown -h +5 will shutdown and halt the system after five minutes have passed.