Customizing Mozilla Preferences

To customize Mozilla, go to Edit => Preferences. A screen appears with a list of categories on the left: Appearance, Navigator, Composer, Mail and Newsgroups, Privacy & Security, and Advanced.

Appearance Preferences

Under the Appearance option you can have Mozilla automatically launch Navigator, Composer, and/or Mozilla Mail when you start the application. If you have more than one language installed, you can select any of them from the Choose your preferred language for Mozilla dropdown menu.

The Fonts, Colors, and Themes options control the fonts, colors, and themes you will see on your Mozilla screen. Content Packs are different groups of sidebars, search options, bookmarks, etc., that may be installed on your system.

Navigator Preferences

The following options are available under Navigator on the Preferences (Figure 6-5) screen:

Figure 6-5. Navigator Preferences

Composer Preferences

The Composer preferences customize settings that pertain to the form and function of HTML pages you develop with the Mozilla Composer tool. Under Recent Pages, determine how many recently accessed pages will appear when you click on File in the main menu. Select the pretty print option, under When Saving Files, to have Mozilla indent the lines of your HTML properly. This makes it much easier to read later. Under Table Editing, you can determine how your HTML will render when you insert or delete table cells.

The New Page Settings lets you adjust the default color, background images, and author for new HTML pages. These settings will be the default each time you create a new page.

Mail and Newsgroup Preferences

Mail and Newsgroup settings (Figure 6-6) determine how messages appear on your screen, how they are sent, and address book functions.

Figure 6-6. Mail and Newsgroup Preferences

Privacy & Security Preferences

Advanced Preferences

The Advanced preferences cover topics such as proxies, cookies, and cache files. Unless you know something about these topics, it is recommended that you leave the default settings as they are.