2.8. Miscellaneous

2.8.1. Submitting a Support Request

By purchasing SUSE LINUX, you are entitled to free installation support. For information about the support scope, address, and phone numbers, visit our Web site at http://www.novell.com/linux/suse/.

YaST offers the possibility to send a support request directly by e-mail to the SUSE team. Registration is required first. Start by entering the required data—your registration code is located at the back of the CD cover. Regarding your query, select the problem category in the following window and provide a description of the problem. See Figure 2.13, “Submitting a Support Request”. Also read the YaST help text, which explains how best to describe the problem so the support team can help you.


If you need advanced support, such as for special problems, refer to http://support.novell.com/linux/ for details.

Figure 2.13. Submitting a Support Request

Submitting a Support Request

2.8.2. Boot Log

The boot log /var/log/boot.msg contains the screen messages displayed when the computer starts. Use this YaST module to view the log, for example, to check if all services and functions were started as expected.

2.8.3. System Log

The system log logs the operations of your computer to /var/log/messages. Kernel messages are recorded here, sorted according to date and time.

2.8.4. Loading a Vendor's Driver CD

With this module, automatically install device drivers from a Linux driver CD that contains drivers for SUSE LINUX. When installing SUSE LINUX from scratch, use this YaST module to load the required drivers from the vendor CD after the installation.

SUSE LINUX Administration Guide 9.3