32.3. Configuring a Samba Server with YaST

Start the server configuration by selecting the workgroup or domain that your new Samba server should control. Select an existing one from Workgroup or Domain Name or enter a new one. In the next step, specify whether your server should act as PDC (primary domain controller) or as BDC (backup domain controller).

Figure 32.1. Samba Configuration—Start Up

Samba Configuration—Start Up

Activate Samba in Start Up, which is shown in Figure 32.1, “Samba Configuration—Start Up”. Use Open Ports in Firewall and Firewall Details to adapt the firewall on the server in such a way that the ports for the netbios-ns, netbios-dgm, netbios-ssn, and microsoft-ds services are open on all external and internal interfaces, ensuring a smooth operation of the Samba server.

Figure 32.2. Samba Configuration—Shares

Samba Configuration—Shares

In Shares (Figure 32.2, “Samba Configuration—Shares”), determine the Samba shares to activate. Use Toggle Status to switch between Active and Inactive. Click Add to add new shares.

Figure 32.3. Samba Configuration—Identity

Samba Configuration—Identity

In Identity, shown in Figure 32.3, “Samba Configuration—Identity”, determine the domain with which the host is associated (Base Settings) and whether to use an alternative hostname in the network (NetBIOS Host Name).

SUSE LINUX Administration Guide 9.3