26.3. Exporting File Systems with YaST

With YaST, turn a host in your network into an NFS server—a server that exports directories and files to all hosts granted access to it. This could be done to provide applications to all coworkers of a group without installing them locally on each and every host. To install such a server, start YaST and select Network Services+NFS Server. A dialog like that in Figure 26.2, “NFS Server Configuration Tool” opens.

Figure 26.2. NFS Server Configuration Tool

NFS Server Configuration Tool

Next, activate Start NFS Server and click Next. In the upper text field, enter the directories to export. Below, enter the hosts that should have access to them. This dialog is shown in Figure 26.3, “Configuring an NFS Server with YaST”. There are four options that can be set for each host: single host, netgroups, wildcards, and IP networks. A more thorough explanation of these options is provided by man exports. Exit completes the configuration.

Figure 26.3. Configuring an NFS Server with YaST

Configuring an NFS Server with YaST
[Important]Automatic Firewall Configuration

If a firewall is active on your system (SuSEfirewall2), YaST adapts its configuration for the NFS server by enabling the nfs service when Open Ports in Firewall is selected.

SUSE LINUX Administration Guide 9.3