13.3. Cellular Phones and PDAs

A desktop system or a laptop can communicate with a cellular phone via bluetooth or IrDA. Some models support both protocols and some only one of the two. The usage areas for the two protocols and the corresponding extended documentation has already been mentioned in Section, “Wireless Communication”. The configuration of these protocols on the cellular phones themselves is described in their manuals. The configuration of the Linux side is described in Section 17.2, “Bluetooth” and Section 17.3, “Infrared Data Transmission”.

The support for syncronizing with handheld devices manufactured by Palm, Inc., is already built into Evolution and Kontact. Initial connection with the device is, in both cases, easily performed with the assistance of a wizard. Once the support for Palm Pilots is configured, it is necessary to determine which type of data should be synchronized (addresses, appointments, etc.). Both groupware applications are described in the User Guide.

The program KPilot as integrated in Kontact is also available as an independent utility. It is described in the User Guide. The program KitchenSync is also available for synchronizing address data.

SUSE LINUX Administration Guide 9.3