3.5. Special Installation Procedures

3.5.1. Installation without CD-ROM Support

Sometimes a standard installation using a CD-ROM drive is not possible. For example, your CD-ROM may not be supported because it is an older proprietary drive. A secondary machine, like a laptop, might not have a CD-ROM drive at all, but only an ethernet adapter. SUSE LINUX offers the possibility of performing the installation on machines without a CD-ROM drive over a network connection. Usually this is done by means of NFS or FTP over ethernet. 3.5.2. “Installation from a Network Source” describes the procedure.

3.5.2. Installation from a Network Source

No installation support is available for this approach. Therefore, the following procedure should only be attempted by experienced computer users.

To install SUSE LINUX from a network source, two steps are necessary:

  1. The data required for the installation (CDs, DVD) must be made available on a machine that will serve as the installation source.

  2. The system to install must be booted from floppy disk, CD, or the network and the network must be configured.

The installation source can be made available over various protocols, such as NFS and FTP. See 3.1.7. “Passing Parameters to linuxrc” for information about the actual installation.