Chapter 17. ISDN Telecommunication

Table of Contents

CapiSuite Basics
Configuring Fax Services
Configuring the Answering Machine
General Notes about Reception
Fax Operation
Operation of the Answering Machine


Even in this age of the Internet and e-mail, traditional communication means like phone and fax are still important. The communication package CapiSuite offers an ISDN-based solution for a computer-supported answering machine and fax transmission.

The following chapter explains how CapiSuite works. This is followed by a description of its configuration with YaST and a brief introduction to the usage of the system.

CapiSuite Basics

CapiSuite is a daemon (a program that runs in the background) that provides basic telecommunication functions. The current version mainly offers functions for telephone and fax connections.

For example, the system supports the establishment and termination of incoming and outgoing fax and voice connections. Fax and audio files can then be sent and received over these connections. Some special functions, like the switching of a phone connection to a fax connection and the processing of DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency — common touchtone phone tones) are supported.

However, the system does not constitute a complete application suite for certain tasks, such as an answering machine application. The actual application was written in the Python scripting language (a language especially suitable for beginners) and can thus be freely adjusted to the respective requirements. CapiSuite merely processes the provided scripts and executes the specified commands. This allows the creation of flexible solutions from a simple answering machine or fax program to a small call center (for which the system is still lacking some basic features).

The CapiSuite package includes some ready-made scripts that enable a comfortable multiuser answering machine and a fax solution. The following pages refer to the usage of these scripts. Following the installation, details on the system as well as instructions for writing custom scripts are available in/usr/share/doc/packages/capisuite/manual/index.html and on the project page