Adding Appointments

To add a new appointment to your calendar, click New Appointment. Under the Appointment tab, enter the details for the appointment. Select a category, if desired, to ease searching and sorting later. Optionally set for Evolution to provide a reminder before your appointment under the Reminder tab. If the appointment occurs regularly, set that under Recurrence. Click Save and Close after all settings are made. The new appointment is then shown in your calendar.

Scheduling a Meeting

To schedule a meeting with other people, click New Appointment then select Actions -> Schedule Meeting. Enter information as for an appointment. Under Meeting, add attendees. For those in your Contacts, click Invite Others... and select attendees from the dialog. When finished, click Save and Close. The attendees will be sent an e-mail about the scheduled meeting.

This system can also be used to schedule a time that fits all attendees or to reserve resources. For more information about the scheduling functions, refer to the internal help.

Adding Tasks

Evolution helps to keep track of your tasks. To add a new task to your list, click New Task. Enter summary information, due and start dates, and a description. Enter task status and other information under Details. Click Save and Close to add the task to your list. Double-click the task to reopen the dialog and make changes or mark it as completed.