The Key Server Dialog

Several Internet-based key servers offer the public keys of many users. To engage in encrypted communication with a large number of users, use these servers to distribute your public key. For this purpose, export your public key to one of these server. Similarly, KGpg enables you to search one of these servers for the keys of certain people and import their public keys from the server.

Importing a Key from a Key Server

By means of the Import tab in the key server dialog, import public keys from one of the Internet-based key servers. Use the drop-down menu to select one of the preconfigured key servers and enter a search string (e-mail address of the communication partner) or the ID of the key to find. When you click Search, your system connects to the Internet and searches the specified key server for a key that matches your specifications. Refer to Figure 14.3: “Search Screen for Importing a Key”.

Figure 14.3. Search Screen for Importing a Key

Search Screen for Importing a Key

If your search on the key server is successful, a list of all retrieved server entries is displayed in a new window. Select the key to include in your key ring and click Import. See Figure 14.4: “Hits and Import”. Confirm the following message with OK then exit the key server dialog with Close. The imported key then appears in the main overview of the key manager and is ready for use.

Figure 14.4. Hits and Import

Hits and Import

To avoid being asked repeatedly about whether you trust the key and assume that this key is really used by its authorized owner, edit the trust level of the newly imported key. By default, a newly imported key always appears with a “?” instead of a specification regarding the trust level.

Right-click the newly imported key to access a small context menu for the key management. Select Edit Key. KGpg opens a text console in which to set the trust level by means of a few commands. See Figure 14.5: “Assigning Trust”.

Figure 14.5. Assigning Trust

Assigning Trust

At the prompt of the text console (Command > ), enter trust. Now assign a value between 1 and 5 indicating how much you trust that the signers of the imported key have checked the true identity of the owner of this key. Enter the selected value at the prompt (Your decision?). If you are sure, enter 5. Answer the following question by entering y. Finally, enter quit to exit the console and return to the list of keys. The key now has the trust level Ultimate.

Exporting Your Keys to a Key Server

To export your key to one of the freely accessible key servers on the Internet, select Export in the key server dialog. Designate the target server and the key to export by means of two drop-down menus. Then start the export with Export.

Figure 14.6. Exporting a Key to a Key Server

Exporting a Key to a Key Server