Chapter 12. The Web Browser Galeon

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Optimized for the Web
Efficient Surfing with Tabs
Smart Bookmarks
Settings and Controls
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Recently, the widely-used web browser has been transformed into a real jack-of-all-trades. The fact that today's Internet applications feature such depth in integration and are heavily integrated into their corresponding desktop environments is almost taken for granted. Users of outdated machines soon feel the effects of this development. All-around browsers are often memory-eaters, sluggish in their operation, and occupy thirty megabytes on the hard disk.

That is why the idea behind Galeon is to devote itself just to one assignment: the web and only the web. Galeon implements the speedy Gecko engine of the Mozilla browser and integrates this into an extremely functional user interface. The application loads quickly and is one of the fastest browsers available.

Figure 12.1. The Main Window in Galeon

The Main Window in Galeon

Galeon's most essential navigation tools are available in the first toolbar. Next and Back flip through the history of visited Internet sites, as in other browsers. Reload updates the contents of a site. Cancel stops a connection or transfer from taking place. Zoom, the magnification level of a document, is usually scaled to 100% — a 1:1 display of the document. The up and the down arrows to its right set the zoom levels in intervals of ten. Enter Internet addresses (URLs) in the following entry box. The GNOME foot shows Galeon's progress. If the icon is animated, Galeon is working and transferring data.

Optimized for the Web

Galeon is primarily designed to make surfing the Internet as convenient as possible. In the default configuration, Galeon presents a second toolbar, enabling quick access to the popular Google search engine and its news and image search function. It can also offer access to an online dictionary and use the bookmarklets. This is made possible by small JavaScript functions built into Galeon, for example, find out how current a page is or allow the Internet site to slowly scroll down the screen.