Pilot stuff from the ISAAC Group

 *NEW* Top Gun Login Lib 1.21 beta *NEW*

A number of people have reported that Top Gun ssh had font problems on the Palm III (and later, including the V/Vx and the Workpad), and indeed it did.

I finally got hold of one to test on, and you can now grab the latest version of Top Gun Login Lib (the shared library containing the display routines).

You don't have to upgrade Top Gun ssh or the pilotSSLeay crypto libraries; just replace your current TGLoginLib.prc with the new one. This new one should work on PalmPilot Professionals, Palm III/V's, and IBM Workpads.

Please let me know if there are still problems.


This is a port of SSLeay-0.8.1 to the Pilot. It consists of a number of crypto-related shared libraries, as well as a demo application. Source is included.

You can retrieve it from a non-US site, get only the shared libraries (no source), or just read the README.

pilot-template 1.31

Construct a template from which to start a new Pilot application

pilot-template is a short perl script that will construct template files from which you can build your own Pilot applications. The files constructed are:

The files constructed are intended to be used with the gcc tools and the latest pilrc.

The only change from 1.3 to 1.31 is that version 1.31 has been explicitly placed under the GNU General Public License.

Download pilot-template 1.31, and a copy of the GNU General Public License.

Top Gun Wingman 1.5 beta

The first graphical Web browser for the Palm Pilot

Top Gun Wingman is a ``split browser'': the majority of the browser's functionality -- image conversion, text layout, and filtering -- is implemented on a proxy server, making the code on your Pilot fast and lean (less than 32K bytes) and reducing the amount of data transmitted to your Pilot by as much as 90%.

The proxy technology behind Wingman is based on leading-edge research at UC Berkeley, harnessing clusters of commodity PC's to provide self-scaling, self-managing, highly-available Internet services. The same technology powers UC Berkeley's TranSend image-compression proxy for standard Web browsers, which has been running since April 1997 with almost no downtime.

Top Gun Wingman was officially unveiled at the PalmPilot Developer's Conference on 15 Oct. This is a beta release, so please give feedback to topgun@abraham.cs.berkeley.edu.

Go to the Top Gun Wingman page.

xcopilot for the Palm Pilot

New site: xcopilot.cuspy.com

The sources and binaries for the current version of xcopilot are now being hosted at http://xcopilot.cuspy.com.

GLib Shared libraries on the Pilot

Complete information on how to create and use GLib shared libraries on the Pilot is available from the GLib shared libraries page. GLib shared libraries are somewhat superior to the standard (``SysLib'') shared libraries. You can still read my old document which describes SysLib libraries.

Top Gun Telnet

This is a telnet application for the Palm Pilot Pro that uses the built-in TCP/IP stack. See the Top Gun Telnet page for more information.

Top Gun ssh 1.2

This is a version of the ssh secure shell application for the Pilot. It also uses the built-in TCP/IP stack. It is based on Top Gun Telnet. I use this all the time, so it ought to be stable. NEW Version 1.2 is available! Bug reports, comments, etc. are welcome.

You can download source code or binaries from a non-US site.

Top Gun Postman version 1.2 beta

Top Gun Postman is a POP3/APOP3 and SMTP capable mail dispatcher that runs on the Palm Pilot Professional. Top Gun Postman enables you to send mail messages that you have composed offline, and retrieve mail messages that are waiting for you in your POP3/APOP3 accessible mail spool. Top Gun Postman is not a complete mail package - it relies on the built-in Mail program that is distributed with the Palm Pilot Pro for the composition and viewing of messages.

Version 1.2 beta is now available, with some new features that were widely requested. Read the documentation for details.

You can download Top Gun Postman, or read the documentation.

Mapview: a greyscale and panning demo

This is a small demo that shows how to switch the Pilot to greyscale mode and pan around a large image (drag your stylus on the image to see it work). Available with source or without. This is just a demo; there's no way right now to change the image (without recompiling).

PPM to Pilot bitmap converter

Need a simple way to create pilot icons and bitmaps, or to view bitmap resources you found on the net? Here are ppmtoTbmp and Tbmptopnm, programs that convert between ppm and Pilot bitmap formats. You can now download version 1.1, which includes both ppmtoTbmp and Tbmptopnm. Note that you will need netpbm-1mar1994.p1.tar.gz in order to compile it.