6.2. Manual Configuration of LPRng and lpdfilter

Normally, the printing system is configured with YaST as described in Section 5.3. “Configuring a Printer with YaST”. SUSE LINUX also includes the program lprsetup, which is a bare-bones command-line tool for the configuration of the LPRng and lpdfilter printing system.

When setting up a printer with YaST, it collects all necessary data then runs lprsetup internally with all the necessary options to write the actual LPRng and lpdfilter configuration.

lprsetup is intended as an expert tool. As such, it will not provide any help to find the correct values for printer options. To see a brief list of the available command line options for lprsetup, enter lprsetup -help or refer to the manual page of lprsetup and lpdfilter for further details.

For information regarding Ghostscript drivers and driver-specific options, read Section 5.2.2. “Finding the Right Printer Driver” and Section 6.6. “Working with Ghostscript”.